What is Negawatt Smart Card?

Negawatt Smart Card is a PVC smart card infused with 34 layers of Scalar Energy, Black Tourmaline, Ceramic Powders, Negative Ions and Far Infrared.

What is Scalar Energy? Scalar Energy is waves of energy called “longitudinal” EM (electromagnetism). This energy form is static and stationary. When two similar frequencies coming from opposite directions meet, they cancel each other out. The traditional understanding of energy is that it flows out in the form of waves. However, Scalar Energy does not radiate as waves but expands outward in circles of energy and reduces radiation.

What is Black Tourmaline?  Black Tourmaline is also a powerful grounding stone, electrical in nature, providing a connection between Earth and the human spirit. Its supportive energy aligns the energy centers of the body and channels healing light throughout the system. 

What is Negative ions? Negative Ions are invisible particles which bear an electric charge. This negative ions are beneficial to electricity because they result in less damage to electrical equipment, allowing the equipment to run smoothly and run longer, thus eliminating dirty electricity known as spikes.

What is Far Infrared (FIR)Far infrared (FIR) is a region in the infrared spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. Far infrared is often defined as any radiation with a wavelength of 15 micrometers (µm) to 1 mm (corresponding to a range of about 20 THz to 300 GHz), which places far infrared radiation within the CIE IR-B and IR-C bands.

Why must we use Negawatt Smart Card (NSC)?
Thanks to Nano Technology and Quantum Science Negawatt Smart Card will clean our electricity, help to eliminate dangerous radio frequency, radiation, electromagnetic contaminates, e-smog and increase the life span of our electrical appliances.

Now we don’t have to pay for wasted electricity. We only pay for the electricity that we need.

NSC helps to regulate ‘power factor’, stabilizing your electrical system and making the voltage constant.

NSC helps to reduce spikes and power surges, and eliminates excess voltage hazardous to electrical appliances from external sources or lightning.

NSC also regulates the flow of electrical current and solves the problem of drops in destination voltage.

As you can see from the graph Negawatt Smart Card stabilizes the harmonic wave, controls spikes and reduces wastage thus saving us $$ on our electricity bill.

Intelligently designed, highly affordable, Power Saving Card.

Saving electricity means you are saving money, and saving money means you are earning money. This product is a success with amazing feedback from buyers across the globe.

Benefits of using Negawatt Smart Card:

Benefits of using Negawatt Smart Card:
• Consistently saves your electricity bill up to 30%
• Extends the lifespan of all electrical appliances.
• Protects you by reducing harmful electromagnetic radiation.
• Does not require electricity or a plug to operate.
• No tampering with the meter.
• Saves space and easy to use with no required maintenance.
• 100% legal and fully compliant with all safety standards.
• High quality product at an affordable price.
• Environmentally Friendly.
• Perfect for residential, commercial and Industrial users.
• Excellent buyer feedback.
• 100% guaranteed to reduce your power.
Negawatt Smart Card contains layers of piezoelectric materials which produce negative ions to help absorb energy loss.
The card doesn’t contain any mechanical and electrical parts; therefore, they do not wear out.
It is very durable.
However, care must be taken to ensure that the card is not damaged:
– do not bend it
– do not knock it with hard objects
– do not burn it
– do not submerge in water
– do not peel off the layers

Below photo shows testing negative ions inside the card. It proves that our energy card has more the 6000 ions inside.
We don’t advise you to tear the card and test because the card will become unusable

Negawatt Smart Card (Electricity Saver Card) has been tested and certified by TUV SUD and SIRIM.

No magnets in the card and the card will not catch fire or explode in the distribution box.

How This Changes The Industry

This technology provides clean electricity for the first time ever, ensuring reliable stability, ideal efficiency and the minimal amount of losses in electrical networks. The result is the lowest possible carbon footprint during the production, distribution and consumption of electricity.

NEGAWATT SMART CARD improves everything about electrical environments and will eventually come to be a necessary component in most products, networks, grids and microgrids.

Electrical generation, distribution and consumption is less expensive, ideally efficient and dynamically stable in every situation.

Frequently asked questions

1. Why must we use Negawatt Smart card?

We are all using ‘Dirty Electricity’. It comes from many sources. Clean electric power was originally intended to power our homes and buildings at a safe frequency of 60 Hertz (Hz). Today for many reasons it’s becoming increasingly contaminated with invisible micro surges of dangerous radio frequency and radiation and other electromagnetic contaminates now referred to as ‘DIRTY ELECTRICITY’. Negawatt Smart Card helps to eliminate dangerous radio frequency and other electromagnetic contaminates.

2. Is Negawatt Smart card for a single phase or 3 phase wiring system?

It is suitable for both wiring systems. Use 1 card for single phase and 2 cards for 3 Phase wiring system.

3. Will Negawatt Smart card attract lightning?”

No. Negawatt Smart Card is not conductive. In fact, it will help in reducing any possible negative effects of lightning on your electric meter.

4. What is the durability of Negawatt Smart card?

We provide a 30-day replacement guarantee against manufacturing defect. Negawatt Electricity Saver card is designed to last for a life time.

5. Does Negawatt Smart card cut back on electricity consumption?

No. Negawatt Smart card refocuses on the electricity wastage in any wiring thus lowering the electricity cost significantly.

6. What makes Negawatt Smart card different and far more superior?

Negawatt Smart Card has 2 important components in it. Scalar Energy and Tourmaline powder. This together with the proprietary vibration waves from the electricity cables release negative ions which in return will clean your electricity and enhance the life span of your electrical equipment.

7. What will my savings be?

We estimate that you can save anywhere from 20% to 30%, but this will also depend on how dirty your electricity is and your electricity meter has not been tampered with and Negawatt Smart card is installed as instructed.
Our customers in Cairo are saving as much as 50% and more .

8. Is it legal and safe to use Negawatt Smart card?

If Negawatt Smart card is used as recommended it is legal and safe because it does not tamper with your electricity system, meter and wiring.
We have sent our cards to electricity boards in countries where our card is being used and we have been told that Negawatt Smart card does not fall under any category that needs government approval. We were just asked to do lab test for safety. We are certified by TUV SUD and SIRIM.

9. Is Negawatt Smart card harmful for health?

No. In fact it helps reduce harmful e-smog at all buildings.
E-Smog is invisible Electro Magnetic Radiation.
Few people realize that we are surrounded by an invisible cloud of electro-magnetic radiation that can have serious effects on our health. If it can be photographed it will look like smog, becoming denser around electrical devices that are their cause.
This smog is the accumulation of man made electro-magnetic fields. It is almost impossible to avoid and you cannot turn it off.
An imbalance in our electro-magnetic field creates disturbances in cell structure and function which leads to illness and inhibits the body’s natural healing capabilities, especially pronounced if we are run down or our immune system is compromised in some way. (ref: David Lawrence Preston)

10. What if Negawatt Smart card doesn’t work?

We are so confident that our Negawatt Smart card will save you money that we will give you a full refund if you can prove with 3 of your before and after electricity bills that you have had no savings for 90 days after installing Negawatt Smart card. Negawatt Smart card must also be in its original condition and it must be installed as directed.

11. Why is Negawatt Smart card so Affordable?

The end user, YOU are our first concern. Every household needs Negawatt Smart card to clean and save money on their electricity.
We do not spend money on fancy packaging and pass this savings back to you.
We want everyone to be able to afford our product.

How do we know that the Electricity we are using is Dirty! How Dirty it is and how it is affecting all of us!

It has been known for a long time that there is excess electricity feeding into every household, commercial building and industries in all countries all over the world. This excess electricity are already recorded by our electricity meter.

Whether we use this excess electricity or do not use this excess electricity, we are billed for it There are components of electrical energy that are not effectively used by load devices, and this component energy (reactive power, electromagnetic radiation (EMR), etc.) is actually energy not consumed by the load device and is considered as Waste Energy (WE).

The consumer pays for Total Energy (TE), utilizing Useful/Used Energy (UE). NSC works by minimizing Wasted Energy, so that you only pay for power that you actually use. In addition, NSC works at cleaning up unhealthy emissions in the form of EMR.

What is “Dirty” Electricity?

1. Dirty Electricity is caused by the electromagnetic pollution. The pollution is generated due to use of electrical and electronic devices that causes adverse biological effects on human beings. They are also known by the name of Electromagnetic Interference. Once generated dirty electricity spreads like plague.

2. Sources of Dirty Electricity. Almost all the electrical & electronic devices that are used domestically and industrially are the major sources of dirty electricity.

3. Effects of Dirty Electricity. Like other reasons Dirty Electricity is also the vital factor behind a lot of health hazards such as asthma, ADD/ADHD, change in behavior of children, chronic fatigue, cancer, diabetes, headaches, poor concentration, change in mood, disturbance in sleep etc..

4. Prevention of Dirty Electricity To eliminate dirty electricity one must first detect it. Using Negawatt Smart Card it detects and filters the levels of EMF high- frequency pollution that might be present, but remain hidden at home or office.

Let us explain about Dirty Electricity

Our Existing Electrical Correction

The Root Mean Squared (RMS) methodology for measuring electricity is insufficient for real time measurement. It is impossible to correct for something that you cannot measure, so it should come as no surprise to anybody electrical correction and balance does not exist today.

If you were to examine electricity moving through our electrical networks to our loads with a microscope, you would not see a smooth seamless delivery. The electricity is pushed and pulled through the grid by a series of switching and transformation technologies and is always choppy.

These are not small problems

In other words, we have been supplying our electronics, appliances and machines with dirty electricity ever since Nikola Tesla’s time. The addition of capacitors, harmonic filters, transformers, UPS, etc. only serve to absorb energy with ancillary benefits of compensation that barely allows electricity to flow, resulting in most being wasted as heat or vibration in the infrastructure and our devices.

Why this matters?

The amount of energy that is unnecessarily wasted as dirty electricity in our electrical networks due to electrical distortions and imbalance is enormous. The costs to every stakeholder are staggering and we are all paying for Total Energy (TE) instead of Used Energy (UE).

Recoverable losses exist throughout our grid everywhere that electricity is currently used, they cannot even be measured, much less corrected. This leaves our electrical networks vulnerable.

The first century of our electricity usage was very predictable and stable, but today’s world of sensitive electronics and precision use of electricity without electrical correction increases the instability of our electricity supply.

NEGAWATT SMART CARD corrects and balances electrical flow

NEGAWATT SMART CARD has taken an innovative approach to electrical correction and balance with a state of the art Smart Card using Nano and Quantum Science. The Smart Card is installed inside the  electrical distribution boxes in homes and commercial buildings. It leverages and measures at nanoseconds and calculates the precise microsecond to either inject or extract microcurrents to restore the waveform close to ideal. This occurs on each phase in real time.

NEGAWATT SMART CARD is the first technology to analyze and clean electricity in real time, providing a perfect transfer of power and ultimate control and transparency.

The innovation that makes this possible is the ability for Negawatt Smart Card to release negative ions which is circulated through the distribution box, accurately calculating and precisely injecting or extracting tiny amounts of current in live response to the electrical network conditions to maintain ideal electrical energy flow and balance within the entire network.

Most countries lose more than 2/3 of the electricity that they generate

The losses occur throughout the Grid; in generation, transmission, distribution, storage, and end use. These losses have ramifications that result in the entire Grid having less reliable and more expensive power.

More than half of those losses are recoverable

More than half of the losses are a result of unsynchronized power and non-intelligent distribution of electricity related to imprecise metering. The remaining is not recoverable.

But we are stuck using Edison Era Methodologies.

With few improvements in efficiency in over 120 years!

Where is the Waste?

Electrical Distortions

Why is there so much waste?

Energy efficiency technologies use imprecise data and inefficient power correction methodologies

Imprecise Data Acquisition

Existing technologies use Root Mean Squared (RMS) values to meter electricity. RMS values are not exact; they are electrical parameter averages based on less than 1% of real values.


Inefficient Electrical Correction

Based on this imprecise data, existing technologies use rapid compensation techniques typically with transformers and capacitors and some form of offsetting power switching technology.

Negawatt Smart Card Maximizes Efficiency in Any Electrical Environment

Negawatt Smart Card Eliminates Waste

Efficient Electrical Correction

We have leveraged with Negawatt Smart Card and are able to maintain waveform synchronization in an ultra-efficient manner that prevents all distortions, maximizes efficiency, and eliminates waste in electrical environments.

Negawatt Smart Card maintains waveforms at near ideal synchronization

Protects and Strengthens Electrical Networks

Dynamic Stability. Negawatt Smart card corrects electricity in real time preventing waveform distortions like power factor, harmonics, sags, swells, noise, ground current, resonance or any other frequency or amplitude deviation.

Optimal Electrical Performance

All utility penalties are related to some form of waveform deviation or imbalance in the electrical network. Negawatt Smart card eliminates all utility penalties by completely correcting and balancing the electrical environment.


What does zero waste in the Grid mean to you?

You will save money, experience less down time, have accurate energy data, and maximize any renewable energy source

Lower Power Bills

Prevents almost all utility penalties and reduces the amount of power used through ideal electrical efficiency

Higher Quality of Service

Eliminates fluctuations and Grid surges in electrical networks and prevents disruption of operation

No Repair & Maintenance

Clean power used in our homes and businesses eliminates the wear and tear on components and loads

What Are You Waiting For?

Negawatt Smart card has numerous applications and can be applied anywhere electricity is generated, distributed, stored, or used. Contact us with ideas, opportunities, and more

Negawatt Smart card calculates the overall electrical load balance of the entire network and adjusts accordingly on each phase for microsecond level phase balancing. This level of electrical load balancing nearly eliminates neutral and ground currents and improves the upstream electrical infrastructure.

Automatic Real Time, Dynamic Load Balancing Across All Phases

Negawatt Smart card balances the amount of power drawn on each incoming phase eliminating neutral currents and protecting infrastructure.

Algorithms automatically calculate and correct for perfect load balancing across the phases in real time as power is consumed. This rids the network of neutral line currents which are a liability and safety issue and also eliminates peak demand charges related to imbalanced phases which can cost enormous sums of money for some facilities. This feature removes human error from the process of load balancing.

Real Time Protection

Negawatt Smart Card immediately processes any external transient including lightning, preventing external electrical events from ever disrupting internal operations. All internally generated transients are eliminated through Negawatt Smart Card. Transients are a problem of the past.

Negawatt Smart Card ultra-efficiently performs digital electrical conversion and inversion between AC and DC with virtually no heat losses, increasing the production potential of renewable energy and energy storage technologies.