Dore Gold Bars available for sale.

Negawatt Enterprise Group has Dore Gold bars available for sale every month. We are in search of reputable RWA gold buyers ready to take part of this gold and enter into long term monthly or weekly contracts with our company.


  1. COMMODITY: Aurum Utalium (AU)
  2. FORM: Gold Bars
  3. PURITY: 96+ % Plus
  4. FINENESS: 23+ carats
  5. TRIAL SHIPMENT: Minimum 25 kgs
  6. BI – WEEKLY SUPPLY: 500 kgs
  7. PACKING: Export Package Metal Boxes


1. Payment for the gold shall be made by Swift wire transfer to Seller’s designated bank, within two (2) banking days of payment up to 100% payment, thereafter upon the refinery issue the full and final certification of assay report.

2. The funds proceed derived for the Sale of Gold, stipulated in this agreement shall be made by Swift wired transfer in United States Currency (US$) .to Seller or Seller’s Financier designated bank account, upon and after final Assaying by Buyer, substantiated with Commercial Invoice all relevant legal documents provided by Seller.

3.  A copy of the swift transfer provided by the Buyer’s bank, for remittance direct to the Seller’s nominated bank account, in relation to the transfer of the said final amount shall be based on commercial invoice value (issued by Seller) and shall constitute as proof of full and final settlement payment to the Seller for each and every delivery shipment.

PROCEDURES (In Sequence)   

1. Seller sends Sales & Purchase Agreement to Buyer and Buyer shall return to Seller after signing and stamped.

2. Buyer’s bank shall issue SBLC MT760 (validity for 12 months and one day period) as Payment Guarantee for the first trial order to Seller’s Financier bank, and thereafter, the financing of payment shall be revolving for each and every subsequent shipment delivery.

3. Upon receipt of the pre-advice of Transferable Bank instrument issued by Buyer, the Seller Financier’s bank shall issue a two percent (2%) Performance Bond Guarantee to Buyer or Buyer’s bank to activate the operative bank instrument. The financial Banking Instrument issued by Buyer to Seller financier’s bank shall be Irrevocable, Transferable, Divisible, Assignable, Cash Backed, Callable bank instrument, and shall be for the specific purpose of this Gold Transaction in pursuant to this SPA contract.

4. Seller’s Financier agree to pay for all export taxes and documentation fees etc. for all deliveries of the gold Bars to the Buyer until the entire completion of supply (or supplies), pursuant to this SPA agreement.

5. Seller shall arrange to process the export documentation for delivery of gold bars to Buyer’s designated refinery on CIF Term and will notify Buyer, the name of the airline, flight number, schedule dates of expected departure and arrival time to Buyer.

6. Upon the arrival of cargo, (after Assaying), Buyer shall provide a copy of the refinery’s assay report to Seller for acceptance .and issuance of final Commercial Invoice for payment.

7. Buyer shall pay to Seller for the gold bars by Swift MT103 to Seller’s or Financier’s designated bank within two (2) banking days after satisfactory Authentication and verification of final assay report from Buyer’s refinery.