Negawatt Enterprise Group was founded in 2010 in Harare, Zimbabwe. In May 2014 we set up Negawatt Enterprise (Singapore) Pte Ltd as our Head Office in Singapore to oversee sales of Negawatt Group’s products.

We have revised and redesigned our website to focus on our revolutionary state of the art Negawatt Smart Card which has achieved what no electricity saver has ever  achieved before. Negawatt Smart Card will clean your electricity and your vehicle engines and save you electricity, fuel and money. Our website has all the information that you will need to better understand our product. So, let’s start saving electricity, saving fuel, saving money and most importantly saving our World. Let’s ‘Go Green’.

Our mission is to bring awareness to the surroundings about local Eco-friendly businesses and sustainable living. We carry a range of Eco-friendly products which have been created through a break through state of the art technology combining Nano technology and Quantum Science.

Our customers who are the end users are always our first concern.

The teams involved with Negawatt Enterprise Group and its associate companies around the world are comprised of electrical engineers, health care professionals and sales and marketing professionals who have vast experiences in their fields worldwide.

At Negawatt Enterprise Group we educate our community about the important economic benefits of supporting our local green businesses and the environmental impacts of being a good environmental steward in the community by using proper go green products for energy saving, reducing anti-radiation, fuel saving amongst healthy living products and most importantly saving money. Negawatt Enterprise Group plays an active role in stimulating dialog among environmental and business leaders and the community. This in turn allows and promotes positive environmental change and opportunity for the surrounding communities.

As you may know, the local movement is happening all over the world and people are ready for an eco-friendly brand that can help them live a more sustainable lifestyle on the local level. People want to support their neighbors and know they can make a difference in their own economy.

The benefits of our products to the community are tenfold and they are likely to spread the word and get more people involved with our products. When we price our products, we think of the end users first.
We thank you for your time and look forward to your continued support while we promise to give you the best products at the lowest price!

In 2017 June after saving electricity and fuel for our customers who use our products we ventured into the gold and petrochemical business with new partners. Over the years in this business we are proud to be MANDATE for reputable GOLD mining companies and PETROCHEMICAL suppliers and look forward to supply to real buyers around the WORLD.

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